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The military-style fighting style is a topic that many manufacturers are interested in. Mobirix is no exception as recently, the demo of Kingdom Alive – Offense RPG has been unveiled in the mobile app store. As a title role-playing game with diverse content, fast Kingdom Alive has received a lot of attention from gamers. With the credibility that Mobirix has created since before, it is not difficult for Kingdom Alive to be trusted to become a hot product shortly. When officially released, this promises to be a promising new product in the role-play lineup. But before that, let’s first learn about the game to confirm its hot.


Kingdom Alive is an RPG combat postcard format. By using the nine heroes already there to build a strong squad to conquer the new world – Pandora. The story of a new world is always Victor’s current hot spot. Base locations are established to combat this conquest. Players will have to use generous generals available to destroy those military bases. At that time, the new conquest became easy. Each hero contains a different ability, using tactics that can flexibly complement each other, your team will be extremely tough.

But more are just the basics; Kingdom Alive is also equipped with additional elements such as equipment to increase the variety of power. These items will be available when the player fights with an enemy. So let’s fight a lot to both upgrade experience and modern equipment. Owning multiple screens and different challenges will stimulate curiosity and discovery in you.


Kingdom Alive equipped quite nice graphics. Because the plot has a magical element, the animation style is extremely appropriate and attractive. Players will enjoy the beautiful forests, wonderful scenery, … The image details are true, sharp, extremely pleasing to the eye. The effects of bombardment and fighting are so epic that promising cheesy matches will satisfy you.


Ownership attractive way battle with familiar graphics style, beautiful, certainly Kingdom Alive will conquer you. Become a member of the adventure team together to conquer the new kingdom, the new world. Then enjoy the wonderful stories that Kingdom Alive brings to you. The game has not been officially released, but pre-registration will help you get a good start later.

This is an online game, support languages: English, Chines, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Vietnamese…

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