SevenSphere v1.0.19 MOD APK (Damage/Defense Multiplier)

SevenSphere Mod APK is a role-playing game (RPG) developed and published by ロマンゾーン. The QooApp platform is the only one on which the game may be downloaded. It adds support for Japanese and Chinese within the game.

After being rescued by an unknown female dressed in yellow, you realized that the “True Emperor” described in the prophecy is indeed you. You have been dispatched to the SevenSphere Realm, and it has been decided that you will serve as the leader of the “Transcendent.” Join the ladies in their daring missions to prevent the planet’s impending doom!


  • A great number of characters may be traced back to historical events or ancient myths. Make your own own fantasy squad with a variety of waifus in each role!
  • Free for all team and combat configuration. In order to win battles, you will need to have a large brain and utilize strategy.
  • Equip unique “Battle Spirit”. Construct a formidable combat squad and show your mettle on the field of battle.
  • extensive and all-encompassing nature of the adventure. Establish a close friendship with your favorite fictional character!
  • a cast consisting of well-known Japanese voice actresses. I hope you enjoy your journey as fans of anime.
  • Detailed backstories and characteristics of the characters. Prepare yourselves to develop feelings for your new waifus.
  • Isekai requires you to take up the role of the “True Emperor.” You hold the key to the future of this world in your hands.

Download SevenSphere v1.0.19 MOD APK (Damage/Defense Multiplier)

Download (1.2G)

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