Farm Guns: Alien Clash 2018 v1.01 MOD APK ( Money)

Aliens in the 21st century are a hot topic in the scientific community today. With evidence and traces that make people not startled. Specific images and material are recorded every time they visit our planet. Maybe someday, we will be invaded by strange objects from this space. This subject is also being developed and developed by game publishers. In May, TallToy Games, a publishing house specializing in the content of these strange objects, launched a game called Farm Guns: Alien Clash 2018. A unique and exciting game, promise brings a lot of excitement to the players.

On the other side of the planet, milk is known to be one of the most expensive ingredients to make weapons of mass destruction. They scour the universe and know the earth has many kinds of this product. They come to the earth and to farms with abundant milk sources from cows. The farmer noticed that there were strange changes because the cow did not milk for a long time, and knew the appearance of the aliens. They have armed enough weapons from bombs, guns, ammunition to fight them, stopping them from creating dangerous weapons.

Play as a farmer named Mo; you will be given explosive guns and bombs to counter the invasion of these monsters. The gameplay is simple: you will initially be armed with a gun, the monsters will reach you, and you just touch the screen to shoot. The better and stronger RPGs with a certain number of ammunition will fall out of the monsters; you can pick them up and turn it into your gun. Besides, you will also have the help of farm pets, which will attack and damage enemies, stopping them from approaching you. When you pass each level, you will receive some bonuses. This money can be used to upgrade weapons and buy more fighting pets. Try to keep distance with them until they have no children.

As a highly entertaining game, Farm Guns: Alien Clash 2018 MOD will help you relieve tension and stress in a useful way. Join the game and protect your farm from invasion by aliens right away.

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