Dead Hand v2.0.1 MOD APK (Unlimited Diamond, Free Purchase)

Indie horror game Dead Hand is a First-Person Horror (FPS Horror) game, sometimes known as a Survival Horror game. The game was inspired by school days and anxieties of individuals. In this terrifying arcade game, you are going to want to be sure to take notes. You’ll get a kick out of playing our terrifying games.

This horror game takes a sneak-and-slash approach to the genre. You have no choice but to stay hidden in order to evade the eerie gaze of the director. The independent horror game Dead Hand has a terrifying thriller tale as well as horror stories.

The nefarious director is on the prowl, and he will make every effort to find you. If you want to avoid the end, you should avoid getting on his eyes and attempt to hide under the tables. You are going to get scared playing our school horror story game.

Do you want to experience the thrill of terror with a frightening school game? Do you wish to participate in scary activities and try to get out of school? Do you enjoy reading scary books or playing scary video games? You should play this stealth horror game. It’s just what you need. You have the flexibility to select the level of difficulty, which gives you the option to go through the game either as a terrifying arcade or a humorous horror experience.

Those who enjoy having their nerves tested will enjoy playing horror games and eerie games. Dead Hand is a fun first-person shooter horror game for you and your pals to play together. Put an end to reawakening the terror.


  • The ideal suspenseful horror video game centered on a school.
  • Unusual audio-visual component
  • Horror first-person shooters and indie horror games.
  • Both the English and Russian languages are horrifying.
  • System of artificial intelligence with advanced capabilities
  • The rhythm of the character’s heartbeat
  • In the horror game, there is a large playable area.
  • Terrible headmaster who should be avoided at all costs
  • Advanced level design
  • The grading scheme for the degrees of difficulty
  • Peaceful mode (Ghost mode)

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