Team Conquest v1.22.11 APK (Latest)

For a city-splashing good time, grab some paint and join Team Conquest’s splattering party. Competitive PvP paint battles allow them to create a Paintrunner, enter an arena, and decide on a strategy.

Real-time tactical paint battles are available for players to participate in. They don’t get hurt when they fight with their friends. You have the option of playing alone or with up to three friends. Playing online with others of a similar skill level is what the system will do for you. A 3v3 battle is also an option, in which you fight alongside a partner. To win, players had to devise strategies for dealing with the opposition. Get more of your color on the board than anyone else if you want to win!

There are numerous ways to play this game, allowing for a personalized gaming experience for each and every participant. “Paint Brawl” is the name of the first one. If you want to win, you have to go further than the rest of the teams. Paint Royale is a mode in which you compete against yourself in order to become the last painter in the game. There’s also “Tower Conquest,” a mode where you claim and defend towers for your teammates.

You get to decide what color the town will be! Another color option is blue. Another color to consider is yellow. Pink, green, and purple colors… The players can also select a painting style: Is it a race against the clock or the clock against the clock? Dozens of different options can be combined in order to create something unique.

With the help of other players, you can use your Gear in a clever way to outsmart your opponents. MopBot is a paint-licking robot that will explode if it consumes too much paint. Using a force field, Holowall can quickly dissuade opponents. Rockets, grenades, and mines are all used to send paint payloads flying with a bang!

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