Hunter Assassin Mod Apk v1.53.1

Hunter Assassin — become a real killer, sneaking unnoticed to the enemies and eliminating them one by one. In this game with a view from above you are required to deal with all the guards armed with machine guns. Just tell the character in which direction he should move and at the right time to attack enemies. Use the surrounding space and hide in the shadows from the light of lanterns. If you notice, you will start shooting, so quickly attack the target, and then quickly run away, otherwise your hero will be discovered and then it will be harder to escape. From level to level, the complexity will increase, first of all, it concerns the fact that the opponents will be much more. Each defeated enemy adds gems, use them to unlock new assassins. Hunter Assassin stealth action in arcade performance, despite the small weight, the game will be quite exciting.

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